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The wizards of stored computer program and the next generation of programmers
The fundamental aspect that software pioneers have been missing when they invented new programming languages or new nosql databases
Have you noticed that what ever the model and data structure in databases we cannot escape from the fundamental principle of managing data allocation space with references, i.e. pointer based logic, memory addressing ?

Associative Semiotic Hypergraph API in Mathematica for Next-Generation BI Systems
European Wolfram Technology Conference 19-20 June 2017 in Amsterdam
My speech at European Wolfram Technology Conference 2017 about a new data modeling framework R3DM/S3DM that is implemented on top of OrientDB graph database and coded in Wolfram Mathematica

Are our old data model standards out of shape ?
An overview of critical points to consider when modeling with R3DM/S3DM
Both Topic Maps and RDF/OWL exhibit signs of aging. These signs do not indicate maturity levels but on the contrary they signal a re-examination of the data modeling, information representation problem

The three dimensions of AI and a fourth one as the key to unlock them
Comments on a review of AI by John Launchbury, special assistant to DIRO, DARPA
Although there has been significant progress with first and second generation AI systems in reasoning, learning and perceiving, abstraction has not been part of the game. The mechanism of abstraction can unify these other three processes.

Associative Data Modelling Demystified: Part 6/6
R3DM/S3DM: Build Powerful, Meaningful, Cohesive Relationships Easily
Demonstration of a new data model framework that transforms OrientDB into a HyperGraph Database

Data Modelling Topologies of a Graph Database
Definition and Classification of Graph Databases into Three Categories
The associative data graph database model is still a heavy hitter, stacking up well against property graphs and triples/quadruples. Expect a comeback.

A Quick Guide on How to Prevail in the Graph Database Arena
A brief discussion on criteria to meet a differentiation strategy for graph databases
A swift introduction to the key factors that influence the performance and unification character of graph databases

Associative Data Modeling Demystified: Part 5/6
Qlik Associative Model
Qlik's competitive advantage over other BI tools is that it manages associations in memory at the engine level and not at the application level. Every data point in every field of a table is associated with every other data point anywhere in the entire schema.


Associative Data Modeling Demystified: Part 4/6
Association in RDF Data Model
In this article we will see how we can define an association in RDF and what are the differences with other data models that we analyzed in previous posts of our series

Do you Understand Many-to-Many Relationships ?
Associative entities are represented differently in various data models
It is 2016 and in my opinion the situation with associative entities has become darn confusing. Edges of a Property Graph data model are bidirectional but RDF links are unidirectional.

Associative Data Modeling Demystified: Part 3/6
Association in Property Graph Data Model
In this article, we continue our investigation with the Property Graph Data model. We discuss how a many-to-many relationship is represented and compare its structure in other data models

Associative Data Modeling Demystified: Part 2/6
Association in Topic Map Data Model
In this post, we demonstrate how Topic Map data model represents associations. In order to link the two, we continue with another SQL query from our relational database

Associative Data Modeling Demystified: Part 1/6
Relation, Relationship and Association
In this article, we introduce the concept of association from the perspective of Entity-Relationship (ER) data model and illustrate it with the modeling of a toy dataset

From Declarative to Functional Database Operations
SQL CRUD RESTful Transformations in Mathematica and OrientDB
A new alternative, functional way to program databases


OrientDB Mathematica Package
OrientDB RESTful HTTP-JSON API in Mathematica
Extends Wolfram Language (Mathematica) by porting OrientDB RESTful API

Mozilla Firefox is Frozen
Firefox hangs, it stops responding even after restarting the application
This is a real case scenario that happened to me while visiting a web page about social media buttons. Suddenly Firefox stopped responding, and it became frozen. I killed the process and tried to start again the application, but I got the same behaviour.

AtomicDB Mathematica AddOn (ADBM)
Demo and Professional Versions in Wolfram Programming Language
The first add-on for AtomicDB that makes it fully compatible to work with Wolfram Language:

Towards a New Data Modelling Architecture
Part 2: Atomic Information Resource (AIR)
We introduce the Atomic Information Resource (AIR) unit of R3DM conceptual framework

Towards a New Data Modelling Architecture
Part1 - Relational/ER Constructs in Wolfram Language
We start with terms and constructs that most of us are familiar with from the Relational and Entity-Relationship database management systems


MEDILIG - Medical Life Guard
Fully tested, fully operational open-platform EHR/EMR software for health professionals and IT developers.

Open Data vs Open Source Software
Why do you apply two licenses ODbL and GPL for the MEDILIG project ?
This is a summary from a post that I wrote for Open Knowledge Foundation discussion list

ITHACA - Open Source AAC Software
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) software
AAC software based on the long time research and efforts of the Speech and Accessibility Group of the Department of Informatics and Telcommunications, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, leaded by Professor Georgios Kouroupetroglou

Healthcare Software on Proprietary OS
Free educational and healthcare software on proprietary operating systems
Extract from a post to gnusolidario forum of Luis Falcon discussing MEDILIG software licenses

MEDILIG - Medical Life Guard
Fully tested, fully operational open-platform EHR/EMR software for health professionals and IT developers.


A Neurosurgical Health Information System for Integration of Clinical Research and Clinical Care - ICICTH Conference, Samos

Demonstration and presentation of a Neurosurgical Health Information System

A Modern Neuro-Surgical Operating Room at Evangelismos General Hospital
Data Mining in BioMedicine Conference - Athens Information Technology (AIT), Paiania, Athens

Ειδική Βάση Σπαστικότητας
Διαχείρηση εξειδικευμένης βάσης δεδομένων για την σπαστικότητα με διαγράμματα προόδου

Architecture and Subsystems
EHR/EMR and Special Databases of Spasticity, Parkinson and Dystonia


Advanced Training Courses in Neurosurgery
Stereotactic Techniques and DBS - Neurosurgical Navigation
Based on the modern operating room at "Evangelismos" General Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery organized two advanced training courses in the year 2008, "Stereotactic Techniques and Deep Brain Stimulation" and "Computer-guided Neurosurgical Navigation" to train European neurosurgeons. The minister of public health Dimitris Avramopoulos congratulated Prof. Sakas and his team for the successful outcome of their efforts.

Η Συμβολή των Πολυμέσων στην Νευροχειρουργική Εκπαίδευση
22o Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Νευροχειρουργικής
Ελεύθερη Ανακοίνωση στο 22ο Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο της Ελληνικής Νευροχειρουργικής Εταιρείας - Ξενοδοχείο Αστέρας Βουλιαγμένης, Αθήνα


Οι Νέες Τεχνολογίες στην Υπηρεσία των Ελλήνων Νευροχειρουργών

Άρθρο της Θεοδώρας Τσώλη στο ΒΗΜΑ την Παρασκευή 30 Νοεμβρίου του 2007 - Αποσπάσματα αναφορικά με τη λειτουργία του Ηλεκτρονικού Φακέλου Ασθενούς και των ειδικών Βάσεων Δεδομένων για νευρολογικές παθήσεις στην Νευροχειρουργική κλινική του Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών στο θεραπευτήριο "Ο Ευαγγελισμός"

Η Συμβολή της Ιατρικής Πληροφορικής στην Νευροχειρουργική
21o Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Νευροχειρουργικής
Ελεύθερη Ανακοίνωση στο 21ο Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο της Ελληνικής Νευροχειρουργικής Εταιρείας - Ξενοδοχείο Sofitel Capsis, Ρόδος