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HEALIS is an international alliance of independent professionals and consultants in the emerging field of data science. We have been active, especially in the field of Semantic Web and noSQL DBMS, since 2010. Currently our activities are centred to apply new database technology and data visualization methods in order to integrate data from disparate data sources, control them from multiple business models-views, diagnose the source of the problem and provide prescriptive and predictive analytics to regain control of your business.

Our Strategic Plan


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  • Collaborative Innovative Networks : to seek collectively innovative solutions
  • Practice-Based Research Networks : to promote competence and sharing of good practises
  • Thematic Networks : centred around a specific major topic of interest
  • Business Models Networks : to standardize common experts’ views in a business sector
  • Assessment – Evaluation – Certification Networks : quality and accreditation boards
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The Founder


Dr. Athanassios I. Hatzis has been active in the field of NoSQL databases and semantic web since 2010. He pioneered and implemented associative, semiotic, hypergraph data modeling framework with a mission to build powerful, meaningful relationships easily. For this purpose he founded HEALIS to offer consultation services and training on the use of next generation business intelligence systems and software applications. Athanassios has been developing programs since the era of Amstrad CPC 464. His passion for coding led him to research and development for a period of ten years in top UK universities. He has a strong background in clinical applications of speech technology and was the initiator and central figure in a UK NHS and EU FP5 funded research projects that were based on his PhD thesis. In the past Athanassios has been a Health IT Managing Director in the Department of Neurosurgery, University of Athens for four years. He modernized the hospital clinic with a fully operational EMR, clinical decision support systems for chronic neurological disorders, surgical teleconferencing and out-of-hospital clinical monitoring. He has published both in Speech Technology and Neurotechnology sectors in peer reviewed journals and conferences, he posts articles frequently in several IT blogs and social networks and he has released two open-source projects MEDILIG EMR and Wolfram Mathematica DBAPI.