Where is the gap in data modeling ?

Table of Contents Introduction Business vs Technological Factors Cross-References Introduction I was motivated to write this post from an article of Christian Kaul “Bridging the Knowledge Gap”. He is making questions about how, what is the best way to bridge the knowledge gap between data modeling experts and people from other fields ? But I think an important role that data modeling experts play is exactly that to bridge the gap between pure IT technical people like developers, database administrators, data engineers and people from other fields e.

Yet another query language, really ?

Table of Contents Introduction Cross-References Introduction Recently, I have been reading an article for yet another query language, HypergraphQL. But do we really need another query language ? I do agree that it is always good to offer the developer a variety of choices for querying a database, especially if the new query language makes it easier or perhaps better in some sense to fetch or input data.