50 Years of SQL, can you imagine a truly NoSQL approach ?

Table of Contents Introduction Two programming paradigm approaches for a NoSQL API Functional operations A glimpse from the future Epilogue Cross-References Introduction In a decade of investigating NoSQL systems, I noticed a huge effort from many vendors to create SQL compatible APIs. Yes, there is a pretty good reason behind this tendency to walk-the-line as usual. Everybody has learned to program in SQL, everybody knows how to access a DBMS using SQL.


Data Management & Analytics Python API enables users to perform easily integration, correlation, aggregation and hypergraph exploration of multiple data resources

Back to the roots, Relational Data Model

Important design and implementation principle arising from studying relational data model theory

Are our old data model standards out of shape ?

Both Topic Maps and RDF/OWL exhibit signs of aging. These signs do not indicate maturity levels but on the contrary they signal a re-examination of the data modeling, information representation problem

Many-to-Many Relationships

Associative entities are represented differently in various data models

Association in RDF Data Model

Part 4/6 of the series Associative Data Modelling Demystified

Association in Topic Map Data Model

Part 2/6 of the series Associative Data Modelling Demystified

Relation, Relationship and Association

Part 1/6 of the series Associative Data Modelling Demystified