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Packages in this project extend Wolfram Language with commands that are related to data management and especially generic database management. There is a basic Utilities Package that is used in transformations between Wolfram Language constructs such as List, Rule, Association, and Dataset, and external serialization standards such as JSON and comma-separated values (CSV) files. On top of that package we are porting RESTful APIs from various web services through URLFetch into Wolfram Language building commands with arguments that specify options with rules of the form name->value. An example of such a RESTful API is the OrientDB HTTP API and the OrientDB package.



  • Enhanced OrientDB HTTP RESTful API functionality with powerful new commands for Mathematica users
  • Fully documented functions and packages in the native documentation system of Wolfram Mathematica
  • Build interactive demos, powerful presentations and applications in the vast environment of Wolfram Language with nearly 5,000 built-in functions at a fraction of time it would require to build, test, and support these, in other programming languages.
  • Debug easily your applications by dynamic programming and interactive sessions
  • Deploy your application anywhere thanks to Wolfram Universal Deployment System
  • Create multiple visualization schemes, network topologies, data mining and search indexing algorithms powered by dynamically configured GUIs for the non-experienced user.



Documentation Pages

If you have already installed the DBAPI project, then you can search Wolfram Mathematica documentation for DBAPI. This is your starting point for browsing the documentation.

For demonstration purposes, we have included here the following documentation pages in pdf format for the ODBapi and ODBgetFieldAttributes functions of the OrientDB Package

It seems that your browser cannot display the PDF file; Please use this link instead. Thanks!
It seems that your browser cannot display the PDF file; Please use this link instead. Thanks!

Athanassios I. Hatzis, PhD
Software Engineer - Researcher, Founder/Independent Contractor


SQL CRUD RESTful Transformations in Mathematica and OrientDB

Overview The main function of this Mathematica package, ODBapi, is built on top of the URLFetch built-in function. OrientDB RESTful …