50 Years of SQL, can you imagine a truly NoSQL approach ?

Table of Contents Introduction Two programming paradigm approaches for a NoSQL API Functional operations A glimpse from the future Epilogue Cross-References Introduction In a decade of investigating NoSQL systems, I noticed a huge effort from many vendors to create SQL compatible APIs. Yes, there is a pretty good reason behind this tendency to walk-the-line as usual. Everybody has learned to program in SQL, everybody knows how to access a DBMS using SQL.


Data Management & Analytics Python API enables users to perform easily integration, correlation, aggregation and hypergraph exploration of multiple data resources

Associative Semiotic Hypergraph API in Mathematica for Next-Generation BI Systems

A new data modeling framework R3DM/S3DM that is implemented on top of OrientDB graph database and coded in Wolfram Mathematica

Associative Semiotic Hypergraph based on R3DM/S3DM

The last part (6/6) of a series demonstrating Associative Semiotic Hypergraph technology

From Declarative to Functional Database Operations

SQL CRUD RESTful Transformations in Mathematica and OrientDB

RESTful API in Mathematica

Wolfram Language packages that extend functionality for RESTful APIs. It has been fully tested and documented for OrientDB multi-model database.

OrientDB Mathematica Package

Overview The main function of this Mathematica package, ODBapi, is built on top of the URLFetch built-in function. OrientDB RESTful HTTP API commands are ported into Wolfram Language through URLFetch and then ODBapi commands are built with arguments that specify options with rules of the form name -> value. This package has also other utility functions especially implemented for OrientDB. OrientDB Package is part of the Wolfram API application project. Visit the official page of the project for installation and testing instructions.

AtomicDB Mathematica AddOn (ADBM)

AtomicDB API in Mathematica