AtomicDB Mathematica AddOn (ADBM)


  • Enhanced AtomicDB current API functionality with powerful new commands for Mathematica users
  • Build interactive demos, powerful presentations and application in the vast environment of Wolfram Language with nearly 5,000 built-in functions at a fraction of time it would require to build, test, and support these, in other programming languages.
  • Debug easily your applications by dynamic programming and interactive sessions
  • Create multiple visualization schemes, network topologies, data mining and search indexing algorithms powered by dynamically configured GUIs for the non-experienced user.

ADBM Demo Version Installation

Here is some Mathematica Notebook code to test the installation of the package .dll

  • Unzip .DLL file
  • Check $LibraryPath and find out the exact location of $UserBaseLibrary
  • Place the DLL file under $UserBaseLibrary
  • Execute the rest of the code above.

If you succeed, a new window with the title “AtomicDB Output Window” will be opened. The API package has been loaded. You can close all the windows.

ADBM Demo Version Testing

ADBM Professional Version Comparison

AtomicDB AddOn Professional Version makes it a lot easier to get the same result; it boosts functionality and programmability !

ADBM Pro Version Includes

  • Full Set of API Primitive Instructions
  • Powerful Enhanced Commands
  • Output Commands for any type of AtomicDB API objects
  • Transformation Commands for any type of AtomicDB API objects
  • Type Checking of Commands with new Mathematica Test Predicates
  • Get Data By Key or By Value from Native Mathematica Structures

Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about the ADBM Pro version we use for our consultancy services and solutions we offer on top of this Add-On.

Athanassios I. Hatzis, PhD
Software Engineer - Researcher, Founder/Independent Contractor