Associative Semiotic Hypergraph API in Mathematica for Next-Generation BI Systems


A new data modeling framework R3DM/S3DM that is implemented on top of OrientDB graph database and coded in Wolfram Mathematica

European Wolfram Technology Conference 19-20 June 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands


R3DM/S3DM is a conceptual data model that attempts to unify existing data model standards by elevating n-ary relationships on a hypergraph, a.k.a associations. In this framework semantics are defined and explained with three alternative paradigms (object-oriented, network graph and semiotics). It is the last one that gives birth to its name and this is also the cornerstone of its reference mechanism. R3DM/S3DM redefines RDBMS as a Reference Database Management System with a set of functional operations that match those of SQL statements and are implemented in Wolfram Language.

Based on these operations we demonstrate interactively using Wolfram Notebook interface how we can create R3DM/S3DM environment on top of OrientDB Graph Database and how we can add a Domain Model or a Data Set. We also present R3DM/S3DM filtering mechanism for traversing and cleansing and we compare and review these command operations in Qlikview graphical user environment.

The output of this interactive exploration of data modeling, processing and analysis and any result set can be returned in the form of a table using Wolfram Language constructs such as List(s), Rule(s), Association(s) and Dataset(s). There is also the option of visualizing hypergraphs with the Graph network function and attribute sets as column charts.

Finally we discuss our future business plan and we share with you our mantra:

We build powerful meaningful relationships easily

Recording of the talk


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Athanassios I. Hatzis, PhD
Software Engineer - Researcher, Founder/Independent Contractor